Equipment Rules

All racers shall present their bikes for inspection by race officials 30 minutes before their first race. Technical inspection must be passed before the racer competes.

Inspection is mandatory and all equipment must be in race-ready condition. Please review the bulleted requirements below. Any equipment failing to achieve this standard is prohibited and may result in the rider being disqualified or unable to race.


  • Racers must wear a cycling helmet that is in good condition.
  • Camera cannot be mounted on helmet or body.


  • Track specific – no vertical dropouts or chain tensioners.
  • Fixed Gear cogs – no freewheels.
  • No brakes.
  • No lights or reflectors.


  • Drop bars only.
  • Plugged ends.
  • No brake levers.
  • Handlebar tape or track grips with sealed ends.


  • Clipless Shoes.
  • Clipless Cleats.
  • Clipless Pedals.


  • No TT wheels (spinergy, tri-spoke, disc, aerospoke, etc).
  • Traditional spoked wheels no deeper than 90mm.
  • (If using tubular tyres) Tubular glue in good condition. No gluing race day.
  • Tyres in good general condition.
  • No excess axle over 5mm per side from each track nut.
  • No quick release wheels.


  • Lockring.
  • Track specific chain / chain ring match.
  • Chain in good condition.
  • No excessively large gear ratios, respect your knees.
  • Rear axle entirely within the dropout.


  • Action cameras can be  mounted securely on bicycles in safe positions (i.e. Below handlebars/stem or rear facing from seat post).
  • Cycle computers are allowed mounted securely.


  • Timing chips are required for event scoring and will be given to riders for a £20 deposit.
  • The deposit is returned when the chip is returned after the race.
  • Failure to return the timing chip forfeits the deposit and incurs a further £50 fine as well as a ban from future NLTCBMBC events.
  • Timing chips should be installed using zip ties provided to the bicycle fork.
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